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Welcome to Trøgstad Volunteer centre

 Welcome to Trøgstad volunteer centre!          

  • Would you like to spend some of your time with others?

  • Do you want to meet new peole?

  • Do you have some ideas you would like to realise?

Frivilligsentralen (The Volunteer centre)  is a meeting place. We connect people in the community together. Some need help and others wish to help. 

The joy of helping others is the payment you get! Help received from the volunteer centre is free of charge.

We are only limited by our imagination!

We have a thrift store and two cafés both run by volunteers. They are both located at Trøgstad torg 3. in the centre of Skjønnhaug. And in Båstad right next to Bunnpris. 

The café in Skjønhaug is open monday- friday 11AM to 2 PM. In Båstad we are open Tuesday-friday from 10AM to 2 PM.  Please stop by!

The thrift store =Gjenbruksbutikken is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11AM to 2 M. Gjenbruksbutikken have their own facebookpage: Gjenbruksbutikken, Trøgstad. Telephone nr for Gjenbruksbutikken is: 913 37 282.

Our manager has office space in Torvet bok og mer together with the library amoungs many others. Torvet bok og mer is on the ground floor in Trøgstad Sparebanks building. 

Some other activities we are involved in:

  • Help with homework
  • Reading friend
  • Bike taxi (we have electric bikes with room for two passengers that we use to give people a nice ride outdoors so they can feel the wind in their hair)
  • Seniorkafe every other Thursday at 2 pm 
  • A walking friend
  • Hyggetreff at Trøgstadheimen every  4th Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm. We serve food and have entertainment at Trøgstadheimen. 
  • Needlework group. They make things for sale at the thrift store and for our anual bazaar. They meet every Wedensday at the café from 10:30-13:00.
  • Bowls every Tuesday.
  • We deliver library books once a month.
  • Follow people to different appointments
  • Help with grocery shooping and other practical things. 
  • We sell a lot of waffles at different events!
  • Computer training.
  • Baby/toddles gatherings
  • Baby visitors (parents and babies together visit the local nursing home)

Please contact manager Synnøve Buer at 940 81 023 for more information, if you would like to become a volunteer, or if you would like to receive service from us. I would love to sit down with you for a chat! 

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